Grupo Bimbo Recognizes Global Vendors for Their Commitment and Contribution to Business Objectives for the Company

• During its 2019 Global Vendors Meeting, Grupo Bimbo recognized five strategic partners worldwide who have been outstanding during the last year for their relations and solutions.

• During the Meeting, Grupo Bimbo announced the progress and achievements made in the field of environmental management, highlighting the importance of its suppliers in obtaining them.

Mexico City, November 21, 2019. Today Grupo Bimbo held its 2019 Global Vendor Meeting, where they discussed the future challenges the Company faces in the fields of environmental sustainability, consumer trends, as well as the best practices followed so as to continue being the most important baking company in the world. Moreover, as part of the Meeting, they rewarded the global strategic partners who were most outstanding during the year.

This Meeting, which is held year after year in Mexico City, has the purpose of creating closer relationships between Grupo Bimbo and its suppliers, as well as recognizing the importance this group has in reaching the objectives of the business.

During the event, the top executives stressed the commitment the Company has to always offer top-quality products and a product portfolio that meets the needs of all lifestyles. They also mentioned the efforts made each day by Grupo Bimbo to build a sustainable Company, underscoring the progress made in their packaging innovations, such as the use of biodegradable and/or compostable packing material, as well as its growing fleet of electric vehicles for product distribution, which is today the largest of its type in Mexico.

It is of paramount importance for us to work closely with our commercial partners so as to be able to listen to them, hold open dialogs, and create lasting relations that generate value for both sides,” said Daniel Servitje, Chairman and CEO for Grupo Bimbo. “Serving our consumers with excellent products and expanding the penetration of our brand are part of our recipe for future growth and transformation.”  

On the other hand, David Hernández, Procurement Global Vice President for Grupo Bimbo, added that “this annual Meeting is an invitation to collaborate and rise to the great challenges that we face. I am convinced that together we can achieve even more, always working under a scheme of regulatory compliance and sustainability.”

The Global Suppliers Meeting serves as the frame for Grupo Bimbo to reward the strategic partners who have excelled in their performance during the year with their positive contributions in meeting the business objectives of the Company.

During this 2019 Meeting, the following five most notable partners from different countries received recognition:


  • Ingredion
  • Almidones Mexicanos

United States

  • Puratos


  • ADM Milling Canada

Central American Region

  • DuPont

With actions such as these, the Company seeks to reinforce its ties and relationships with its suppliers who have helped Grupo Bimbo continue making firm strides towards its aim of building a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane Company.