Bimbo Canada Transitioning to Compostable Cardboard Clips on our Bread Bags

Bimbo Canada is constantly evolving operations to fulfill our commitment to being a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company. Today, the company is taking an important step towards achieving a circular economy by transitioning to new recyclable and municipally compostable cardboard clips on our bread bags. We are the first national bakery in North America to transition to cardboard clips on our bread bags.   


The new, innovative cardboard clips are a small, yet impactful change that will reduce our use of single use plastic by approximately 200 metric tonnes annually, which equates to the weight of 32 adult elephants. These clips, side by side, would stretch over 10,000 km; this distance is greater than the distance from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s, NL and back. 


The cardboard bag clips are made from 100 per cent recycled cardboard.  They are recyclable and compostable in municipal systems and biodegrade in 84-days. Consumers are encouraged to check with their local municipality about the availability of municipal composting programs. To recycle the clips in areas without municipal composting programs, consumers are encouraged to place the clips inside a larger paper-based product in the recycling bin to aid in the sorting process.  


The cardboard bread clips are a great example of how sustainable solutions don’t need to sacrifice quality or increase cost. They have been tested over repeated use cycles at room temperature, refrigerator temperature and freezer temperatures to ensure the clips keep our products fresh until the last bite. 


Responsible stewardship of the environment is integral to how Bimbo Canada cares for its associates and the communities that its associates live and work in.  Bimbo Canada has invested in this technology in all bakeries across Canada.  Consumers will begin seeing the cardboard bread tags on our branded bread products, like Dempster’s®, Villaggio®, POM®, Bon Matin®, Ben’s®, Stonemill® starting today and we anticipate that the transition will be completed by June, 2022.  Click to here to learn more about our new compostable cardboard clips on our bread bags.