Ben's® and Dempster's® - Committed to Quality

At Ben's®, we understand the significance of our brand in the hearts and homes of Atlantic Canadians. For more than 115 years, Ben's® has been synonymous with baking excellence, guided by the principle that No One Ever Regretted Buying Quality.  


In recent years, we've proudly co-branded Ben’s® with Dempster's®, another beloved Canadian brand, with 113 years of baking tradition. 


We want to assure our loyal customers and consumers that our commitment to quality and nutrition remains unwavering. While you may have noticed a change in packaging, rest assured that the same soft bread recipes you love, baked in Atlantic Canada bakeries, are now available under the Dempster's® name. We pay homage to the Ben's® brand with our logo, which can now be found on the back of the package. 


Ben's® and Dempster's® share a common commitment to high-quality, great-tasting bread. With Dempster's’® 113 years of experience and 12 bakeries across Canada, we remain dedicated to nourishing Canadians with our very best. The satisfaction and trust of our valued customers and consumers remain our top priorities as we continue to serve you with the highest quality bread products.